Three Reasons To Use Adobe Photoshop Instead Of Lightroom

A sunrise over the Grand Canyon is just about the best damn way I can think of starting a day of shooting.
The theme of introspection is a very important one as I get older and continue gaining experience about what I find aesthetically pleasing. For such a large part of my life as a photographer, I edited all of my photos in Adobe Lightroom. On rare occasions when I couldn’t accomplish what I envisioned creatively, I’d send the photo to a 3rd party application or Adobe Photoshop.

But, when I took the time to thoroughly review my editing workflows, it became quite clear that I had reached a plateau with Lightroom, where I simply couldn’t try anything different because of the app’s limitations. That’s when I realized it was time to invest serious time and energy into learning more about Adobe Photoshop, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

While I know that Photoshop can be intimidating and overwhelming, always remember that you can approach it at your own pace. There’s no timer or finish line that you have to cross. Watch this video to see what I mean. Once you gain enough familiarity with the way Photoshop is laid out, you can dive into learning about the ways its tools can expand your editing workflow well beyond what Lightroom supports. For me, it’s not about replacing Lightroom with Photoshop, but figuring out all the ways they can work harmoniously together.

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