Things We Can Stop Photographing

File this under funny but true. Here’s a link to an online comic that’s a bit dirty (PG-13, I’d say), funny enough, and especially inspiring. It’s about what we should stop photographing. We talk a lot about things we can and should photograph, and how we go about doing it. But what should we stop photographing? The comic makes a joke out of pop culture photographic references that pertain more to Facebookers than photographers, but the idea is a good one. There are some things that have just been done to death and maybe we should stop shooting them. My own knee-jerk reaction is to say we don’t need any more HDR images of abandoned buildings. Perhaps we don’t need so many portraits of shoe-gazing hipsters either. There are plenty of things that are overdone, but the real question to ask is how do we push ourselves not to do the same old things over and over. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that we need to work to get beyond the same things that everybody else sees, or that we’ve shot ourselves a thousand times before, and start making photographs that are a little more special, a little more unique, a little more creative. So what do you think you’ve done to death? What do you think you should stop photographing?

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