The World's Largest Panoramic Photograph

Ever seen the largest panoramic photo in the world? As of 2013, the record belongs to a 320-gigapixel photo of London. I adore these gigapixel panos of the world’s cities, and I’ll never miss a chance to sink my teeth into one and go exploring for an hour. I think I must be a bit of a voyeur, because anytime someone posts a photo like this, I find myself spending several minutes navigating the city in close-up detail. Sure, the possibility of finding a sunbather on a rooftop is titillating, but more than that I’m interested in the mundane bits of life that gigapixel city panoramas reveal—like a cup of tea cooling in a window, or a mother lifting her child out of her carriage. I love catching a glimpse of the world’s citizens going about their day unaware. It’s fascinating, and that—more than the image quality, stitching issues or HDR-style processing—is what interests me about an image like this. So thank you to the diligent photographers who spent three days creating this great photograph. World record or not, I love this kind of thing.

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