The study of great Photography

American Suburb X is a great web site for studying 20th century fine art photography. I was reminded of this by a recent post there about William Eggleston, an American master by anybody’s standard. The site acts sort of like a photoblog, but with a focus on scholarly works and essays about a photographer or particular body of work. A typical post might include several photographs and a lovely written piece of criticism or photographic theory by a renowned scholar or another photographer republished from literally anywhere in history (or at least photographic history). Take, for instance, the reprint of John Szarkowski’s introduction to the work of Eggleston, written for his 1976 book, "William Eggleston’s Guide." This piece also serves as a wonderful entree into the world of Eggleston’s work, which I believe all photographers could benefit from knowing much more intimately. He had such a keen eye and light touch, I aspire to a little bit of Egglestonian insight every time I raise a camera to my eye. For more about the photographer, do visit

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