The Speedliter’s Handbook

What December week would be complete without at least one mention of a book to add to your holiday gift list? The book I’d like to suggest today deviates from most of my suggestions in that it’s not a monograph of one photographer’s great work. It is a "how to" book, and it sure looks to be a good one. It’s "The Speedliter’s Handbook" by Syl Arena. From the image on the cover you get a great idea of exactly what this book aims to teach—the skills to make arresting images using only simple handheld strobes. There’s a great little write-up of the book on the DPreview web site, which offers a glimpse inside the pages of the book to help give you an idea of the topics covered and the author’s approach to instruction. Best of all, it helps to differentiate this book from the work of other notable flash books—namely, as you may have guessed from the title, this book targets the Canon system. (Speedlite is the Canon spelling for handheld flashes, whereas Nikon spells it Speedlight.) The principles are the same, for sure; good light is good light. But if you’re a Canon shooter you’ll no doubt appreciate the Canon-centric menu language and user information in The Speedliter’s Handbook. Read the review, investigate the book, and learn to improve your flash skills.

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