The Secrets Of Professional Food Photographers

There are two kinds of food photography: the good kind, and the terrible kind. The good kind makes you want to eat the food pictured. Everything else is a total failure. At least that’s what I’ve heard from some tremendous food photographers. The best food shooters I know make it look deceptively simple, but as many of us have learned, food photography ain’t as easy as it looks. So in an effort to help you learn the basics, the do’s and don’ts of food photography, I give you this excellent tutorial from the Lightstalking blog. It’s a great breakdown of best practices in food photography, and would surely form a solid foundation for those in search of a better understanding of food photography techniques. My personal favorite rule of thumb is the first technique covered: the importance of backlighting. There’s no better way to turn a beautiful meal into an unappetizing mess than to overlight it with frontal illumination. Read all about proper backlighting technique, as well as other secrets of professional food photographers, at the Lightstalking blog.

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