The Science And Magic Of Light

I teach a studio product lighting class and I’m pretty proud of what my students seem to get out of each lesson. I’m pretty strong on lighting technique because in my own undergraduate work I found that I didn’t get enough technical lighting foundation to feel like a well-equipped photographer. Lest my students feel equally unprepared, I focus on technique and they seem to appreciate it. But I’m embarrassed to say I am unfamiliar with this book I just learned about from the Cool Tools blog. It’s called "Light: Science and Magic," which appears to be the perfect manual for a lighting class like mine. Based on the chapter previews available at Amazon, the book covers much the same technical ground that I focus on in my class. Maybe I’ll have to invest in this book, not only for my students’ sake, but for my own too. If you want to build your own technical lighting foundation, consider starting with this book.

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