The Right Way To Put Dates In Photo Files

Do you date your files? By that I mean, do you put the date a photograph was made right there in the filename? Dates can come in fairly handy when you’re tracking down images years after they were made. It’s not enough to simply date a file or folder; you’ve got to employ the eight-digit date correctly. The DIY Photography blog points out that there is in fact an commonly accepted standard for dates in file names. It’s the ISO 8601 method, and it goes like this: YYYY-MM-DD. For instance, today would be written as 2013-12-05. Of course, that’s not enough information for a useful filename—you’ll also want some client, location or other information in that filename—but ultimately the date is one of the most useful things to append to your files to keep them readily accessible in the long term. If you’re going to date your files, you might as well do it right. Read all about it at

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