The Ramble In Central Park

I’m not a New Yorker, but after seeing this book I kinda wish I was. It’s called The Ramble In Central Park, and it’s a collection of Robert A. McCabe’s photographs of this "Wilderness west of Fifth.” A New Yorker may know about this wilderness, but the rest of us may not be familiar with The Ramble; It truly is a little bit of raw nature right there in the middle of the city. Not just green space like the rest of Central park, it’s actual wild space—a densely forested area almost 40 acres in size and filled with winding paths, streams, lake, boulders and trees. This Ramble is a lovely spot, and these photographs make me wish I had the opportunity to experience the urban wilderness on any afternoon stroll. A beautiful spot in any location, this particular place—and this collection of photographs—is made even more special because of its juxtaposition with New York City. Visit Mr. McCabe’s web site to see more photographs of this wonderful place, and buy the book to serve as a subtle reminder that you shouldn’t let simple geography keep you from photographing what you want. If he can photograph nature in the heart of Manhattan, anything must be possible.

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