The Practice Of Contemplative Photography

I’ve always enjoyed photography as much more than just a means to an end. It’s not always about the pictures as much as, on a personal level, it’s about the making of those pictures. The act of photographing can itself be a very enjoyable, even meditative, experience. To that end there’s a new book that aims to help photographers connect on a deeper level with their daily world via their photographic experiences. It’s a book about how to see as much as it is about how to take pictures. It’s called The Practice of Contemplative Photography and it’s out this month from authors Andy Karr and Michael Wood. Drawing on Buddhist traditions and insights from photographic masters, the book works to teach photographers to ìsee what’s in front of them.î Very Zen. Very apt, too, given the nature of the art of photography. This looks like a great read that I’ll be putting on my wish list.

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