The Photography Tarp

Attention outdoor photographers: do you have a photography tarp? I don’t trek into the great outdoors nearly enough, so the idea of carrying a multipurpose photography tarp has honestly never occurred to me. The DIY Photography blog just posted about a new product from Mindshift gear (affiliated with ThinkTank) called the Contact Sheet. It’s a lightweight, waterproof tarp targeted at outdoor photographers. Now, I’m not going to disparage a clearly well-made waterproof tarp, but I will point out that its $40 price tag does make it a fairly premium product in the world of tarps. Given that the blog is called "Do-It-Yourself Photography," I’m inspired to suggest that you could, theoretically, carry a less expensive tarp and still reap the rewards—which could be dry knees, dry gear, and even a useful "home base" from which your gear never leaves. The bottom line, whether you purchase this lovely tarp from Mindshift or simply build your own from the hardware store, carrying a tarp along on your outdoor adventures seems like a pretty good idea.

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