The Next Big Camera Thing?

John Paul Caponigro first alerted me to a cool new concept camera debuted at the CES show a few weeks ago. It’s called a WVIL ("weevil") which stands for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens, and it’s a pretty amazing thing. Turns out it’s the epitome of a concept—some designers at a company called Artefact built it as a hypothetical look a few years into the future of the camera. More specifically, it’s what a camera phone might look like if it were made especially useful for photographers. What’s so special? Imagine a 32-megapixel iPhone with an interchangeable lens stuck to it. The sensor and all the camera "guts" are contained in the lens, so the viewfinder and touchscreen controls are all that’s required in the phone. It’s a pretty great theoretical approach to making more powerful cameras out of our increasingly compact communication devices. Watch the video and check the Artefact site to see the concept for yourself.

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