The Most Photogenic Outdoor Places In All 50 States

Looking for a spot in your home state to find a bit of natural wonder for your summer vacation? Check out this CNN guide to 50 States and 50 Spots, each of which would make a wonderful photographic destination. This beautifully designed site fills the screen with big, beautiful landscape images of each natural wonder, so it’s an enjoyable experience too. The nice thing about the list is they’re not all necessarily major icons in a given state. Some of my favorites are unsung heroes in the world of landscape photography, like Indiana’s Indiana Dunes State Park, where massive sand dunes tower above visitors, and Iowa’s collection of interesting soil dunes in the Loose Hills area that stretches 200 miles across the western part of the state. This site serves as a nice reminder that wherever you live, or wherever you might be traveling, if you look closely you can find something both unexpected and beautiful.

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