The Most Influential Cameras Ever

This blog post is really meta: it’s a post about a post about a post. Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer, recently directed his readers to a great and controversial blog post listing the most influential cameras ever. Part of what makes the thing great, actually, is the built-in controversy. Compiled by Jason Schneider, the group—like all "best of" proclamations—is designed to incite a bit of outrage. That’s what makes an exercise like this successful; it gets people talking. This list sure does, as you’ll see both at the TOP blog and on the original post at the Adorama web site. My personal favorite on the list is the 1938 Kodak Super Six—just because it’s such a neat looking camera. My favorite camera not on the list is the Nikon F4, which I used to hammer nails when it wasn’t taking pictures. There are a few modern cameras that cause more than their fair share of controversy. Read for yourself and join the conversation, and maybe think about your own favorite cameras and where they might fit the list.

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