The most expensive roll of Tri-X ever

Last month The Online Photographer ran a great post about Phase One’s black & white digital back. That’s right: A medium format digital camera back that only records black & white images. If I know one thing about photographers, it’s that there is not a huge clamor for a $40,000 digital camera back that only records black & white images. So why do I want to point it out? Because it offers a great look at the way digital cameras record light, and how they utilize a filter array to turn a black and white image (which is what all but the Foveon sensor captures) into a faux color image. That’s also right: your digital camera’s color is faked from a black & white original. One of the neat things about this digital back is the increased sharpness (or at least the claims of increased sharpness) because the light doesn’t have to travel through a Bayer filter. That’s the thing that makes your digital camera capture in color. The whole idea is just a neat little footnote in the annals of photography because, for the most part, the buyers of this camera are scientific and military users. Though if you’re a solely black & white shooter, why should the digital revolution leave you behind? This camera’s perfect for you—assuming you’ve got 40-grand to dedicate to your next black & white camera.

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