The Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

The next time some potential client tells me that my price is too high, I’m going to refer them to Andreas Gursky or Cindy Sherman. These phenomenal artists each have multiple photographs on the list of the ten most expensive photos ever sold. Many folks look at Gursky’s Rhine image and wonder what’s so special. I can’t necessarily argue whether or not it’s worthy of being the most expensive sold at auction ($4.3 million) but I am a fan of the photographer’s beautiful large scale works. Same goes for Sherman’s self portraits, which were groundbreaking works in the art world. The only thing I really take issue with on the list is the Richard Prince piece. Not because I don’t think Prince’s art is worthy, but because the controversial image is a straight re-photograph of an work by the phenomenal photographer Sam Abell. If Abell doesn’t get a cut of the money, at least he should get some credit for making the original photograph. Thanks to DP Review for pointing me to this neat collection.

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