The Making of an Underwater Photo Shoot

I’m a sucker for behind the scenes videos. It’s probably my favorite thing about the whole photo/video convergence that’s been happening of late. Just because your camera shoots video doesn’t mean you’re a videographer, but it does make it easier to create videos that show the rest of the world how you work. Chase Jarvis is a master of putting these video skills—or those of his assistants—to great use to show how a photo shoot works. He’s also a master of pointing out great work and other photographers’ great behind the scenes "making of" videos. He recently directed his readers to a great look at an underwater ad campaign shoot. Produced by the client, swimwear company Speedo, it explains the creative process from concept through shoot and ultimately including the post production illustrations that completed the campaign.

It’s really cool to see how a studio production works when it’s 12 feet underwater. I was surprised by how much of it looks almost the same as a dry land studio setup. I bet it’s a much bigger pain, however.

The clip doesn’t delve into a lot of detail about the photographer, Martin Brent, so to learn more about him and see his body of work, you’ll have to check out his personal web site.

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