The King Of Decay Photography

I recently read about a hobbyist photographer who has turned his passion for exploring run-down places into a stunning photographic portfolio. Henk van Rensbergen is his name, and he’s an airline pilot by day, explorer by night. (Well, actually, most of his photography is done by day as well, but those must be his off days.) I’m usually not much of a fan of "ruin porn" as it’s become derisively known, but Henk’s work is different. First, it’s the knowledge that he started his work simply to document the places he enjoyed exploring. His photography stems from a passion, first and foremost, for examining and cataloging these abandoned places. It doesn’t seem predatory or exploitative like some urban decay photography. In fact, it’s clear that he’s paying homage to the places he photographs—and he’s doing them wonderful justice. My favorite thing about exploring Henk’s web site(s) is to see just how much his photography evolved over the decades he’s been making pictures. So first check out his eponymous site at for his newest work, then head over to to browse through the back catalog of amazing places he’s visited since 1988.

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