The Joe McNally Grip

Joe McNally can do it all. It sure seems like it anyway. He’s been a longtime photographer crafting great pictures for National Geographic, LIFE and Sports Illustrated, which would be impressive enough, but in recent years he’s actually become a bit of a minor (heck, in photo circles he’s major) celebrity for his work with small strobe lighting. He’s got books and blogs and sold out lectures… Like I said, the guy can do it all. But I just discovered something else he’s got: his own camera grip. I don’t mean a physical piece of gear that is used to hold a camera, I mean a unique way of handholding a camera to increase endurance and stability and be able to handhold while minimizing shake in low light, slow shutter speed situations. It’s a bit hard to explain, so I’ll let Joe do that via his blog. Suffice it to say it’s unlike any way of handholding a camera you’re probably familiar with. And if Joe says it works, it must. Read about it on his blog, or watch him demonstrate it via YouTube video. I’m looking forward to putting this grip into practice asap. And I’m wondering how come I don’t have my own patented camera grip?

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