The iPad used for something other than portfolio display

It’s finally happened. I knew the iPad would come in handy for photographers eventually, but I didn’t realize it would be put to use quite so quickly. The device has apparently become the portfolio de rigeur of the supercoool, which you sort of had to figure was inevitable. More than an image enhancing device, though, Scott Kelby recently linked to a video by photographer Brent Pearson who constructed a more tangibly useful iPad shooting approach. It’s a studio workaround for capturing photos wirelessly to the iPad. Technically he’s not shooting directly to the device—it’s behaving more like a second display, which is quite useful in studio situations where you might want a client or interested third party to see what you’re capturing. Pearson mentions on his own blog that one could avoid the computer altogether by using a wireless transmitter direct from the camera. Not a bad idea at all, I’d say. Truly wireless capture direct to the iPad (and who knows how many other devices) is bound to be commonplace before we know it.

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