The "Inception" Of Stop-Motion Movies

Did you see last year’s hit movie "Inception?" I did, and while I understand that many folks found the dream-in-a-dream nature of the film a bit disorienting, it still managed to tell a unique story in a unique way and draw viewers in. The same can be said for this stop-motion movie from Eran Amir created a short film in which he photographed 500 different people holding more than 1500 different pictures, and when strung together they create a movie-within-a-movie vibe quite similar in effect to the disorienting construction of Inception. That’s a convoluted way to say, "Wow, cool stop-motion film!" I could’ve just said "check out this cool movie that also has a stop-motion movie inside it," but that just doesn’t seem as unique. No matter what you call it, it’s a cool clip that you should definitely check out.

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