The Hustler's MBA

This article about "The Hustler’s MBA" has been getting a lot of play in my social networks in recent days. I think it speaks something special to photographers, because we’re in a business with two distinct points of entry: college or assisting. Of course you can always do both, and maybe that’s the best of both worlds. I went the college route, and while it has essentially worked for me, I definitely lament that I have never had the opportunity to learn from multiple photographers over years of assisting. Consequently, there’s something inherently lacking from my knowledge base. That said, I also have some skills that non-college-educated photographers don’t necessarily have. So, like I said in the beginning, it all just depends on which route you prefer. Anyway, take a look at this and consider that with any endeavor it’s not a choice between doing one thing and doing nothing, it’s a choice between doing one thing and something else. There are a lot of routes to success, whether it’s career-oriented or happiness-oriented or photography-oriented or whatever you might choose. I think this article is worth a look, even if you’re generally pro-college (as I am). It might be especially helpful if you’re trying to consider two differing routes to a photographic career. Or maybe it’s just a good read.

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