The Human Planet

The BBC and The Discovery Channel have a tradition, in recent years, of producing really impressively beautiful television programs about the earth, its flora and fauna, and now the people who inhabit the big blue ball. They’ve created what looks to be another great project with the new series Human Planet, which debuted in January on BBC One in the U.K. British readers are no doubt familiar with the show by this point, but we Yankees haven’t yet had the privilege. One must assume that the show will air on Discovery sooner rather than later. Until then, we’ll have to be held over with this trailer on YouTube, and by visiting the Human Planet web site. The visual journalism employed by these programs is always top-notch and inspiring. But this time, interestingly enough, the program is the first joint BBC/Discovery series in which a still photographer, photojournalist Timothy Allen, has accompanied production crews in order to provide photographs to illustrate future books produced in conjunction with the series. To see more of Mr. Allen’s work from the project, visit his web site at, then head over to the BBC’s Human Planet web site for more.

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