The HDR Debate

HDR, or high dynamic range photography, is incredibly popular these days. It’s the highly detailed, illustrative effect that you’ve surely seen in some landscape and location photography, as well as in advertising work for brands that want to look hip and edgy. There’s no doubt the technique is engaging and eye-catching: HDR usually looks like nothing you’ve ever seen in reality before. But it’s that illustrative over-the-top wow-factor that gives some photographers pause. Some folks think HDR is just a gimmick, like literal eye candy, and an effect that’s eventually going to look as dated as Harvest Gold refrigerators and rotary telephones. So where do you stand on the debate? Have you formed an opinion yet? Either way, it’s good to see what others are thinking about the popular trend. In a recent post at Photoshelter’s "A Picture’s Worth" blog you can tune in to both sides of the debate for an interesting discussion. See which way it sways you. It’s worth a read if for no other reason than the wonderful comment from Mike Olbinski, who points out that art is art. "If someone likes making them, who cares?" Amen.

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