The ground-level tripod

Every time I have to get my camera close to the ground I’m never really sure of the best way to go about it. I could use a tripod with a convertible center column that can suspend the camera quite low, or even upside down. Or I could use a backpack or sandbag and squeeze the camera gently into place just a few inches from the floor. Or I could finally wise up and do what James Burger did and make my own extremely low angle floor plate tripod. What a simple idea; I’m embarrassed it hasn’t occurred to me sooner. After all, a real tripod head attaches to the legs with a simple 3/8" screw, so why not use your own 3/8" bolt and put it through a board to mount a tripod head at floor level? With a few bucks and a little ingenuity, Mr. Burger is really on to something here. And now I know how to get those floor level shots without resorting to an unsteady approach.

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