The Future Of Smart Cameras

If you can get past the Apple vs. Android fanboys and haters so vocal in the comments, this article at DP Review is a great read. Allan Hoffman hypothesizes about what the future of smart cameras may look like. The idea being that iPhone and Android smartphones sure are great cameras, and we’ve now got camera makers now dipping their toes into the "smart" world of features that are similar to many features on smartphones. It’s a continually blurring line that should eventually deliver some very interesting options for us photographers/phone-users in the coming years. The question I keep asking is not just can I get a camera into my phone, but rather when can I get a phone in my camera? Imagine your favorite compact point-and-shoot being able to make calls and send texts. No, it wouldn’t be for everybody, but I’d sure love it. It would make it a lot easier to good carry a camera wherever you go, that’s for sure. Whatever your take, it sure is fun to think about, especially when you figure that some of our wildest dreams are bound to come true in the smart phones and cameras of tomorrow.

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