The Field Studio

Aha! As someone who spends a lot of time lurking around in the photoblogosphere, this new book comes as somewhat of a surprise. It’s not something I’ve seen explained before in much detail; not necessarily a hip, hot topic, but one that can teach you a whole lot about creating fine photographs. It’s how to photograph nature on a pure white background, as manifested by the super-talented nature photographer Niall Benvie. Niall’s new book, The Field Studio, is perfect if you’re interested in photographing nature with a different twist, whether that’s in your studio or homemade stand-in. Better still, this book is sure to lend much assistance to anyone who wants to learn about photographing still lifes in the studio, or photographing almost any subject on a white background for that matter. The best photo insights, I find, are the ones that translate across disciplines. And in learning something so specific as photographing nature in the studio, one will surely learn a lot about photography in the broader sense. It looks like a good volume to add to your library.

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