The Cubist Collages Of Maurizio Galimberti

I love collage artists who turn disparate elements into a unified whole—particularly when those images are made up of photographs. Maurizio Galimberti creates collages that are fun and captivating; they simply make me want to keep exploring more and more. What else could you want from a successful photograph? Visit the artist’s web site to check out his gallery of Polaroid portrait collages—in which he turns a few dozen closeups of a subject into a Cubist portrait—and then take a look at the video embedded in the article at Open Culture. Even though the few words spoken in the video are Italian, the artist’s process is crystal clear in any language. It’s especially fitting that the very patient subject having his cubist portrait made in the video is the painter Chuck Close, whose own works share a genetic connection with Galimberti’s.

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