The Copyright Corner

Michelle Bogre, former chair of the photography department at the renowned Parsons School for Design in New York, stepped down from her position in 2008 to focus on teaching and research. After receiving a grant from The Media Institute, Bogre (an artist with a passion for copyright) created The Copyright Corner, an online resource for artists and publishers of all types who are interested in learning about copyright and implementing it effectively. From both the artist and the end user perspectives, Copyright Corner aims to improve abilities of all parties to effectively license creative works—something all photographers should be keenly aware of. I’m no role model in terms of the effective implementation of copyright with my own work, but I’m trying to get better all the time. And that’s all anybody can ask; keep working to protect your work with every new shoot. That’s what I’m asking here, too: start to learn how to effectively work with copyright and licensing of your own photographs. In the end, no matter whether you’re a brand new amateur or an old-school pro, you’ll be glad you did.

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