The Best Venus Transit Photos

Last week Venus passed in front of the Sun. (While this happens constantly, it only happens every couple-hundred years from the perspective of those of us living on earth.) So all the astrophotographers were out in force making photographs of this literally once-in-a-lifetime event. I’ve been keeping an eye out for photos of the transit, and I’ve found some to share with you. The best photos, I’m sure, are the ones that come straight from NASA. The Light Stalking blog has a collection of the best of these, so I’d start there. But that’s only part of the puzzle. I also wanted to see what regular folks were able to do, and for that I suggest checking out the Discover Magazine blog which has a great gallery full of fun and funky transit photos from all over the world—including shots made by astronauts on the International Space Station too. Lastly, to see how professional documentary photographers tackled this special assignment, visit The Atlantic’s photo blog for a series of images of not only the transit, but the folks who turned out around the world to see and photograph it.

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