The Basics Of Infrared Photography

Have you ever played with a camera converted for infrared photography? It’s a lot of fun and can create some totally unique images. In this week’s featured video, we explore the basics using a very old converted Canon 10D. Getting white balance right is totally non-intuitive, and to get the most from your images you have to do some Photoshop work. But it’s totally worth it, and really fun, too! One day I’ll convert a LUMIX mirrorless camera to IR, which is even better since you can see changes in realtime, but for now, check out what you can do with an IR conversion. 

In other videos this week, we explored the Westcott FLEX LED panel (a thin and bendable and VERY BRIGHT panel of LED lights):

…and continued with the ON1 Photo RAW series with “Develop, part 1”: 

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