The Abstract Art Of The Droplet

As long as I’m getting artsy with my posts this week, here’s one that’s about abstract photography. Courtesy of the Feature Shoot photo blog, I just learned about the interesting abstract water drop photography of Markus Reugels. This German macro specialist doesn’t just shoot water drops, though, he uses liquids of a variety of colors and shoots them flowing, splashing and exploding—the latter involves dropping liquids into a water bath and inverting the finished images so that they look more like literal explosions of color rather than simple drops and splashes. His photographs represent one of the things that I find so great about macro photography: the way it can transform something so simple and straightforward into something so uniquely special. See more at the Feature Shoot blog, then head over to Mr. Reugels’ 500px site for a whole lot more of his colorful work.

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