Tethering Software

Just yesterday I shot tethered while on assignment for a client. You see, I was making composited exposures, and that’s an ideal situation for relying on the camera’s tether to allow me to continue making pictures without ever touching the camera and risking even the smallest compositional bump. I was also, of course, using the tethered image on my computer to check the composition, sharpness, color and every other element of the image. Shooting tethered is a great way to photograph stationary subjects in a controlled environment. But how do you shoot tethered? Can you just plug your camera into your computer and go? No. But you can download one of several different pieces of software that make it possible to trigger your camera from your computer. This Lightstalking article by Jason Row explains some great options if you’re looking to get into tethered capture, or if (like me) you’re always looking to upgrade the caliber of your tethering experience.


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