Ten Ways To Break Photographer's Block

It happens to the best of us. We want to work, we want to be creative, we want to get out there and just do it. But the problem is when we’re not sure what "it" is. Just like writers get writer’s block, photographers can get photographer’s block. Over at the Pixiq photo blog, Haje Jan Kamps offers ten great ways to break the block and get inspired to take more pictures. My favorite suggestion? The 100-step challenge. It’s easy: just walk 100 steps in any direction. When you get there, stop and take a picture. But don’t just "take" that picture. Work a little bit with the composition, the subject matter, and your own creativity to make a great image in that exact spot, no matter what you’re faced with. For nine other suggestions on getting your creative juices flowing again, be sure to read the inspiring story at Pixiq.com.


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