Take bad pictures, get sued. Yikes!

I’m not exactly a TV addict, but I’ve seen my fair share of awful programming—and enjoyed most of it. Judge Joe Brown recently redeemed the daytime TV judge profession by showing off his skills as an amateur photographer and making for some entertaining watching along the way. A woman found herself in his “courtroom” being sued for making bad wedding photos. The result is especially entertaining for photographers when the judge talks in detail about the cameras, lenses and apertures being used. But the question does arise: if you’re not really a wedding photographer and you take an assignment to photograph a wedding, are you liable for the sub-par results? Or perhaps it’s the begrudged bride who is responsible for hiring someone who clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing. There’s a lesson here, both for brides and wedding photographers, as well as for budding professionals and clients on a budget everywhere. Maybe that lesson is as simple as, “you get what you pay for.” Or perhaps the lesson is don’t agree to get sued on TV. Whatever the takeaway, it sure is fun to watch the disaster unfold.


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