Surf Photography Primer

I don’t surf. I like to think that’s because I live in the middle of the country, but I know for a fact that if I were to live on a coast I would not be surfing there either. I’m a scaredy cat. The worst part about this is that I would like to think of myself as the type of guy who would surf. Owner of a laid back attitude, deeply tan, shaggy blonde hair and a pooka shell necklace. But i’m not that guy. I’m an out of shape gen-xer with a job and a wife and a mortgage and absolutely no opportunity to dip my toes in a puddle, much less surf. So surfing photography is a bit of an escape for me. I like seeing photographs not only of these people who allow me to live vicariously through their exploits, but also photographs of the beautiful surf itself.

Twenty-two-year-old surfer and photographer Dane Grady recently wrote a surf photography primer for Whether you’re an aspiring surfer dude or just a landlubber like me who likes to live vicariously through pictures, the great gallery and useful tips are well worth your time. After that, check out more of Dane’s work at his own web site,

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