Superslim USB Cable

I’m conflicted about the ChargeCard. It’s a portable USB charger for your phone (and, hopefully in the future, for your cameras and other devices too) that conforms to the form factor of a credit card, so you can easily store it in your wallet. That’s why I’m conflicted. Yes, I love the idea of a tiny USB charger I can always have on my person, but man do I hate having extraneous stuff in my wallet. I’m sort of wallet-thinness obsessed, to the point that I’ve purchased the largest wallet I can find (surface area-wise, I mean) in order to spread out my stuff and keep the total thickness of the full wallet to a minimum. I know. Crazy and OCD. But it’s comfortable! So, anyway, I’m really tempted to add this ChargeCard to my wallet, and sacrifice the eighth of an inch in thickness in favor of never being stuck with an unchargeable brick again.

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