Sun Flare Photography

I’ve long used this blog to demonstrate my appreciation for NASA’s astrophotography. But they’ve outdone themselves this time, with some really crazy detailed photos of the sun. I know, it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but apparently if you’ve got a small enough aperture and a short enough shutter speed… Well, you can actually see amazing detail in the surface of the bright ball of gas we know as the sun. So first I recommend you check out these stills of the sun via a blog called But Does It Float. Then I recommend you check out the Flickr feed from NASA that inspired the post, because while you may notice a massive CME (coronial mass ejection) in one of the stills, they’ve got video of the thing on the Flickr feed. And it is, basically, a ridiculously cool event. I love when photography takes us places we could never even comprehend otherwise. This is a perfect example. Science!

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