Stuff Photographers Say

As quickly as the "Stuff ____ say" meme became interesting, it became blasé. I’m officially over it. (For those blissfully unaware, there’s an Internet meme that’s reached maximum saturation, and it involves video clips of people in any group—a town, a profession, a stereotype—saying clichés that are particular to their unique town/profession/stereotype.) But I want to share one more example especially of interest to this audience. "Stuff Photographers Say" (where "stuff" is, of course, standing in for a much less genteel word) is a cute take on the things we all say—at least on occasion—for good or bad. You can probably use this video (linked to via Mark Silber’s blog) to gauge just how much of a gearhead you are, especially. After this, i think I’m officially done with this "stuff."

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