Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Our Street Scene 2021 photo contest is now underway.

Last year, we received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, so we’re excited to see this year’s entries. You can check out last year’s finalist images in the slideshow below, and see the winners here.

This year’s contest, presented by Digital Photo and Imaging Resource, is open now through July 22, 2021.

Enter today for your chance to have your photography recognized and win exciting prizes including cash and photo gear.

"Distancing" by Roger Raepple


After visiting a museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I decided to take the subway back to my hotel. As I often do for street photography, I find a scene that I think has potential and then I just wait for a person or people and other elements to appear in an interesting arrangement. In this case, I waited for a moving subway train and several people spaced out and relatively motionless. A person entered the scene and I took several shots at 1/8th of second hoping to get the person in mid-stride in an open space in the scene. I have waited as long as forty-five minutes for a shot; this time it was only about fifteen minutes.

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