Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Our Street Scene 2021 photo contest is now underway.

Last year, we received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, so we’re excited to see this year’s entries. You can check out last year’s finalist images in the slideshow below, and see the winners here.

This year’s contest, presented by Digital Photo and Imaging Resource, is open now through July 22, 2021.

Enter today for your chance to have your photography recognized and win exciting prizes including cash and photo gear.

"Chelsea Area, Manhattan" by Ronald Cooley


Street photography ranges from straight documentation of events–mundane or newsworthy, generally with little or no enhancement of the original photo–to the province of “pure” visual art, including light and shadow; forms and shapes–usually found in an urban setting. But at either end of the spectrum, the scene itself can change; the photo captures a moment that is gone forever. This street photo from 2010 is more on the “art” side. I was on foot zig¬zagging east and west on Chelsea streets, mixing in some art gallery visits along with street photography–both of which I have been doing for decades. I knew the bright late-afternoon sun creating long, knife-edged shadows and silhouettes, when added to the textures and geometry of the street, could create some shooting opportunities with the pedestrians, some walking by, others hanging out. I tried a few shots, and this was my favorite that day.

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