Street Scene 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in our Street Scene 2020 photo contest!

We received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, and it was a challenge for our judges to select the finalists from so many great entries. Check out the finalist images in the slideshow below.

We will be announcing the prize winners of the contest soon. Follow us on social media for the announcement, or check back at the Street Scene contest page.

"Father and Son on NYC Subway" by Neil Kramer


This photo is a spontaneous capture of a father and son on the NYC subway during a special winter event when vintage trains were being used on a few of the lines from Queens to Manhattan. This was in pre-pandemic New York City, which already seems so long ago. I loved the curious expression of the boy as he looked out the window, and quickly picked up my camera to capture the image.

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