Street Scene 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in our Street Scene 2020 photo contest!

We received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, and it was a challenge for our judges to select the finalists from so many great entries. Check out the finalist images in the slideshow below.

We will be announcing the prize winners of the contest soon. Follow us on social media for the announcement, or check back at the Street Scene contest page.

"Surviving on the Border" by Morgan Smith


This photo was taken on September 22, 2018, on the Mexican side of the border by the Santa Teresa port of entry just west of Juárez, Mexico. The man and his son are Mixteca Indians and part of a large group that migrated north from a very poor rural area of the state of Oaxaca to Juárez. They make a living by playing for tips and hoping that the people in the cars waiting to cross the border into the US will be generous. Up until the pandemic, I would cross here at least once a month to document and help several humanitarian groups in Mexico and I would always have items for Mixtecas like these two—usually used clothing that they could use themselves or sell. It is a very harsh life for them.

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