Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Our Street Scene 2021 photo contest is now underway.

Last year, we received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, so we’re excited to see this year’s entries. You can check out last year’s finalist images in the slideshow below, and see the winners here.

This year’s contest, presented by Digital Photo and Imaging Resource, is open now through July 22, 2021.

Enter today for your chance to have your photography recognized and win exciting prizes including cash and photo gear.

"Dedication" by Dennis Kolda


This picture was taken August 26, 2017, at Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee at the Henry Maier Festival Park. Accompanied by my closest friend, also an avid photographer, we were taking in the sights and crowds at the food court when he pointed to a red building and commented how the color contrasted with the people lined up across the front exterior wall. I was taken by this image of a young lady tending to her child. The colors of the mother and baby carriage, respectively black/magenta and yellow contrasted nicely against the red painted exterior wall of the build. I quickly took several images with this one being the one I liked the most for color, contrast, and most importantly, the story it was telling which is why I titled the photo, “Dedication.”

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