Street Scene Photo Contest: Check Out Last Year’s Finalists

Our Street Scene 2021 photo contest is now underway.

Last year, we received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, so we’re excited to see this year’s entries. You can check out last year’s finalist images in the slideshow below, and see the winners here.

This year’s contest, presented by Digital Photo and Imaging Resource, is open now through July 22, 2021.

Enter today for your chance to have your photography recognized and win exciting prizes including cash and photo gear.

"The Reprimand" by Carla DeDominicis


This was my first night in Cuba, and I had not yet realized how much of a treasure trove the country is to a street scene photographer. So, as I walked to dinner, I was armed only with my iPhone. When I came upon this scene, my immediate reaction was to hold back from my party. I saw that the trio were offering up a statement about the universal nature of relationships, expressions and body language. Even though we don’t know what’s being said, in a fraction of a second, one can recognize the significance of this exchange, The expression in the young boy’s eyes establishes he’s still able to be scared stiff. The older boy’s head on his hands and his slumped shoulder transmit that he’s been there and heard it all before. The woman’s left fist on her hip and inward lean establish that she’s intends to be in charge. Meanwhile her right outstretched hand asks, “How many times do I need to tell you?” The moment, and the image it caught, kindle an emotional response in me, having at one time or another, been both reprimanded and a reprimand-er.

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