Street Scene 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in our Street Scene 2020 photo contest!

We received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, and it was a challenge for our judges to select the finalists from so many great entries. Check out the finalist images in the slideshow below.

We will be announcing the prize winners of the contest soon. Follow us on social media for the announcement, or check back at the Street Scene contest page.

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" by Dale Johnson


I was in Kathmandu Nepal for a conference, my first time in Nepal. I knew I wanted to get out to see and photograph the city but didn't have the time on this trip to extend my stay beyond the conference. The conference didn't start until 9:00 AM each day and the sun came up at about 6:00 AM, so I figured I could get about 2 and a half hours of shooting in each morning. To maximize my time, I found a local photographer who knew the city and could show me around. The city begins to stir and come alive as the sun comes up and the streets in the old part of town are lined with vendors selling a bit of everything. We came across this woman selling chickens that were kept in large baskets. A man had picked this chicken out for purchase and as the woman was trying to grab it for the sale, I moved in close to get the shot. I first took a shot focused on the chicken, but the expression on the woman’s face as she struggled with the chicken had me quickly shift the focus to her to get this shot.

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