Street Scene 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in our Street Scene 2020 photo contest!

We received an impressive number of outstanding submissions, and it was a challenge for our judges to select the finalists from so many great entries. Check out the finalist images in the slideshow below.

We will be announcing the prize winners of the contest soon. Follow us on social media for the announcement, or check back at the Street Scene contest page.

"Indian Women" by Alex Kay


Kanyakumari, located on India’s most Southern Tip, is named after the goddess Kanya Devi, sister to the Lord Krishna. It is a sacred space, home to the temple built to honor the goddess, many medicinal herbs and other very important Hindu legends as well. As a non-native, I was unaware of what I would find on my journey though I knew I would not be disappointed. To get there you take a short boat ride for only about 15 minutes, nothing uncommon in the ride. However, traveling across this ocean is unlike any other. This body of water is the confluence of three seas coming together: The Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Each distinct body of water coming together, almost as if joining in harmony and purpose. Upon stepping off the boat I was immediately struck by the number of women walking around and the multitude of colors they wore as they found their way to a place where they could make their prayers before the goddess and the sea. As they stood there facing the vastness of the unknown, hopes in hand, I realized that this might be the last image of these women in their singular form. It was a moment in time preserved. The next time a picture would be taken of these women might be the answer to their prayers and the start of their new beginnings, thank Goddess.

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