Street Photography Week

With all the recent hubbub about the discovery of the work of unknown street photographer Vivian Maier, I thought I’d put together a collection of links and stories pertinent to street photography this week. So today, the kickoff: the story of Vivian Maier. A Chicago nanny and world traveler, Maier’s story sounds almost too good to be true. She was discovered as a master only after her death when a stash of 100,000 of her negatives (made over the course of 40 years) were purchased at the auction of her storage unit that had gone unpaid near the end of her life. The stash revealed a phenomenal body of street photography; had she been known during her life, she may have been considered in the same breath as 20th century street photography masters like Garry Winogrand. An exhibit of her work is ongoing in Chicago, and a Kickstarter project is underway to raise funds for a documentary about her work and its surprising discovery.

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