Street Photo Tips

DPS always has great photography tips covering a wide variety of topics. Sometimes they get a little bit specific, but sometimes that’s what makes them all the more interesting. Such is the case with a recent post offering tips for aspiring street photographers. Even if you’re not interested in street photography in particular, these are great storytelling tips that apply to a number of shooting styles and subjects. I knew it would be a worthwhile read the moment I saw the first tip: ditch your zoom lens in favor of a wide angle lens. Yes! This advice seems counterintuitive to many, but in fact the wide angle prime is the perfect context-setting lens. Rather than offering an infinite number of options as a zoom lens does, the fixed focal length of a prime can actually be freeing. You can get close enough to the subject for interest, while retaining a wide enough angle of view to provide context. This, as well as the other great tips, apply to almost any subject you might be photographing.

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