Storehouse App For Visual Storytelling

I love anything that makes it easier for me to tell a story in pictures—whether that’s moving pictures or stills. And I especially love it when my story is aided by a good, proven, clean design approach that makes the content come across even better. That’s exactly what the Storehouse app for iPad does, thanks to its beautiful interface and simple, functional design. Storehouse allows us content creators (i.e. photographers and video producers) to create beautifully designed multimedia stories with its simple drag-and-drop interface. The app also makes it easy to get involved in the Storehouse community too, where you can see curated, inspiring works from other photographers, and share and promote your own multimedia work as well. The app has a strong design pedigree, as founder and CEO Mark Kawano was a lead designer at Apple for a decade, where he was largely responsible for designing iPhoto and Aperture photo organizing and editing applications. This is someone who knows how to make photographs look good, and Storehouse looks like a must-have application. For a great example of what Storehouse can do, check out this wonderful piece by tremendous National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson at, then see more about the app at

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